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The Fight against Flu Season

You’ll find germs everywhere - even in the healthiest homes. Aside from avoiding contact with the outside world for the duration of cold and flu season, there isn’t much you can do to prevent contagious cold and flu germs from sneaking their way into your home. But, you can still take precautions to prevent these germs from spreading throughout your entire family.

If you had to guess the germiest places in your home, you’d probably name the usual suspects, like the toilet and the trash can, right? True, but germs are tricky and experts say that some of the most surprising places in your house may be harboring harmful bacteria and viruses.

One of those places is your carpet. Did you know your household carpeting and rugs can contain a whopping 200,000 bacteria particles per square inch? In fact, research has revealed that carpets in most homes are 4,000 times dirtier than toilet seats. Yuck!

The solution? A professional cleaning service, like the one we offer at Taylored Restoration, which uses hot water extraction with bacteria killing temperatures of 175-200 degrees is a great option. Professional services like these kill all types of bacteria, viruses and allergens on contact. In between cleanings, you can use the vacuum you already have to remove surface debris, but should do so twice a week for best results. According to Elizabeth Scott, a germ expert in Boston, one of the best ways to keep your carpets and floors germ-free is to kick off your shoes at the door. You would be amazed at the amount of pathogenic bacteria and mold spores that are brought into the home on the soles of the shoes.

If we’ve grossed you out enough and you’re ready to fight against flu season, give us a call to tackle the germ ridden carpets in your home!

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