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Sneaky Places where Mold Grows in your Home

Mold is something no one wants to find in there home or on their belongings, but the truth is, its a common discovery in many homes. And, it’s not a shock to most people when they find it in usual places like in a damp basement, near a leaky faucet, under drywall after a flood or covering baseboards in moist areas. However, mold is very sneaky and can grow in places we don’t even think of. Remember those photos of the children’s sippy cup with mold under the lid that took the internet by storm? Here's a few unexpected places mold likes to hang out in:

Chimneys - Cracks in the bricks of your chimney collect water, dirt and other debris. The moisture from rain and snow, allow mold to grow. Have an inspection done frequently

Refrigerators - We aren’t just talking about the food that is in your fridge. The drip pan (the place underneath the fridge) collects moisture and food spills, a perfect environment for mold to grow. Put this one on your seasonal deep clean list to avoid nasty surprises!

Washing Machines - The space around the door on front-loading washing machines, called the ‘gasket’ stays wet because the door is closed when not in use. The problem becomes even worse when lint is added to the moisture and the mold continues to multiply.

Windows - Old windows are a breading grounds for condensation and mold couldn’t love pockets of moisture more. Dirt and dust supply food for mold, which makes it that much worse. Clean your windows twice a year at the least to avoid this nasty surprise.

Air Conditioners - As helpful as AC units are, it’s crucial to keep them clean and flush out the coils on a regular basis with a solution of 1:1 bleach and water. Dust and pollen gets trapped in the unit itself and can get even worse during the most humid times of the year.

It's important to take action now and seek out those hidden areas, as mold can cause coughing, wheezing and other respiratory problems, along with asthma in children. If you suspect mold in your house, our team of mold remediation experts will happily solve the problem for you and your family.

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