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How to Store and Organize Holiday Decorations

After labor day, we get hit with an abundance of holidays that come along with a major amount of home decorating. We welcome the fall with inviting wreaths and fall foliage, then comes haunting halloween, Thanksgiving and the biggest one of all - Christmas. With so many holidays in such a short period of time, it’s important to keep things organized so you can make holiday decorating an enjoyable experience year after year.

The first thing you should do is clean your holiday items thoroughly after use. Give indoor decor a quick wipe down or dust and place fragile items back in bubble wrap or paper to avoid damage. Outdoor items need a more intense clean as they have been exposed to all sorts of weather and outdoor elements. If possible, wipe things down with a wet, soapy cloth and be sure to dry them before storing them away. If things are put away wet or damp, this could cause mold or mildew - yuck!

Next, be sure to get the proper supplies. Get yourself a set of large plastic storage bins with lock-in lids. The key to storing anything is to ensure the bins are large enough to fit the actual object. Decorations (for any season) are an awkward shape and for the most part, are medium to large in size. To avoid dust, moisture and mold, it’s important to keep you items stored in bins with locking lids. Bins that don’t close very tightly don’t do a great job of keeping things out. Duct tape is great, if you want to secure something permanently, but can be frustrating to deal with when taking it on and off on a yearly basis.

Be sure to sort your items after each season. Items that have been damaged should be recycled or placed in the trash. Items that you are tired of can be donated to someone who might be able to use it for their own holiday decorating. Storing things you haven’t used for years is a waste of space and you’ll end up with holiday clutter. Group similar items in the same bin. All of your christmas lights should go in one bin, your glass figurines in another and your garlands in the next. This is key if you want to save time for the next season, as you don’t have to decorate your home all at once. You can start with the garland on the railings and move onto the exterior lights the next day.

And last but not least - LABEL, LABEL, LABEL! How annoying is it bring down a halloween bin when you are on the hunt for your thanksgiving table decor? Avoid the hassle (and waste of time) by investing in a label maker to label the outside of each bin.

If you take the time now to get your decorations in order, you will continue to have fun with holiday decorating every year after.

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