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Tired of Toy Clutter?

Updated: Jan 24

Our children’s play spaces are filled with toys and games that can be a nightmare for parents to live amongst. But the reality is, these are the things that keep our kids happy, assist with development, and buy parents a little time to get things done.

Seeing kids belongings lying around the house drives most parents crazy! When company comes over or the kids are in bed, we often shove the toys in a bin, shut the door and look the other way just to forget about it all. However, there is a better solution and developing a system that works for both you and your child will make living with clutter a thing of the past.

The key to creating a good system, is to find one that everyone will follow. Cleanliness and order go hand-in-hand, so be sure to find an organizing system that your child can easily follow. If your child is not yet reading, use color coding or an activity photo to label each bin where the toy belongs. When they are finished playing with one item, have them put it back in the bin using a "clean-up song." It’s important to incorporate tidying into daily routine in a playful, yet efficient way.

When creating structure for your home, designating a play room is essential to maintaining a well-organized home. If you don’t have the space to devote an entire room, use the corner of the family room or half of the sunroom. Make it warm and inviting, complete with colorful rugs, removable wall decals, and a toy shelf. Hang a few pieces of their artwork on the walls like this clever idea. Try to see things from a kids perspective. Place toys on the shelf (no higher than eye-level) and keep less popular toys hidden in storage baskets to minimize the mess. By rotating hidden and visible toys, kids will feel like their old toys are new again keeping both them and your wallet happy.

As parents, we are guilty of not cleaning children’s toys as often as we should. And, we don’t blame you! It seems like they become dirty within minutes anyway. Yet, it is an important factor in keeping your child healthy and maintaining a clean house. Start by selecting a kid-safe cleaning product or a natural tonic. Not only can you wreck a delicate toy with certain cleaning ingredients, but many cleaners can harm children if ingested. These options from Babyganics, are great!

Lastly, always audit your kids toys. Things that they have outgrown or have no interest in any more can be donated or sold online. Toys are also a great seller at tag sales! If toys are broken throw them out and if they need new batteries, be sure to replace them. And, for all of those sticky little handprints on your furniture and walls, our upholstery and carpet cleaning services will work wonders on making your grown-up belongings look new again.

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