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The Truth about Exterior Stone

Updated: Jan 24

Long before modern materials started popping up, traditional builders always selected vinyl siding for home exteriors. Recently, this material has taken more of a backseat, as modern builders have started to use trendy manufactured stone products that may or may not contain actual stone. This recent movement has allowed us to raise the question, what’s so great about exterior stone?

The appeal of faux stone to both builders and homeowners is simple. The fabricated material is less expensive than natural stone, lighter in weight, and offers a variety of colors and styles. A vast selection at a low price? This is music to anyone’s ears. So much so, that manufacturers have reported major sales increases in the last few years. But, before you get too excited, there are plenty of downfalls with this product. For one, home inspectors have noted that there is a need for major caution. Reports of water damage due to poor installation have become common, which leads to water seepage behind siding that later leads to wood rot and mold. These damages can all lead to needing repairs and potential mold remediation.

To prevent needing extensive repairing or major damage to your home, be sure to have the work inspected by an outside source after the installation has been completed. Home inspection professionals are excellent resources to take a look at the job after it’s been completed and will ensure to provide you with necessary documents if you need to show the installer that things need to be done correctly before you hand over the payment.

So, what are the signs of a possible installation problem? Without an inspection, you may not notice any signs of error for years and years. Common signs that are visible to the eye, are loose trim boards with discoloration to the flooring beneath them or damage to the window frames. If you notice this, it may mean the installation was completed without a sealant which could lead to water flooding your interior walls. Another suggestion would be to tap on the stone to see if anything feels loose. If you feel any movement, it may mean there is water behind it already and the glue has come loose.

When water damage has been found, be sure to call our team at Taylored Restoration. We can take care of wood rot, interior/exterior repairs, mold remediation, water damage restoration, and more. Our team will clean up, repair, and do the job right so you can rest easy at night knowing that you have the experts on your side!

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