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Get Organized For Fall

We know the kids are back to school and the house is a whirlwind with football practices, homework, family dinners, meeting new friends, holiday preparation and all the hustle and bustle of fall in Alaska. We also know staying organized is one of the keys to feeling more relaxed through our busy lifestyles and here are our top tips for some new organization hacks you might not have known about, but will help your home stay organized.

1) Create a Command Center for your family. We recommend at least having an area with a calendar and tack board so you can write in appointments, practices and events while tacking up any permissions slips that need signing, doctors notes or other important papers. If you want to expand your command center, try adding a place for book bags, an “unfinished and finished” homework file folder system or even a few baskets for things like scissors, keys, tape, school supplies and other misc. items that are always needed in a full house.

2) When folding bed sheets to place in the closet, place the sheet set INSIDE one of the pillow cases. It keeps things looking neat and tidy in your closet, while keeping sets together so you can find them easily when sheets need changing.

3) If your pantry is anything like ours, you find the bags of chips, popcorn and cereal are all piled on top of each other in one giant heap. Organize these by snagging a few of those pant-style clip hangers and hang the bags from a wire shelf so the contents aren’t getting squashed and your pantry has more space with better organization.

4) Frame your wi-fi password and hang in a common area. This is great for when your kids have over study-buddies or guests stay for the holidays. It’s easy and you’re not running around trying to remember where you stuck that post-it note with your 15 digit password ten times a week.

5) Create a “car kit”. This is something many of us tend to do as new moms, but as we progress with our families, it often goes to the back of the mind. But this is one of those things that can offer a lot of relief throughout the year even when our kids are older. Grab a car organizer or box and load it with things like extra socks, a blanket, water, cleaning wipes, first aid kit, thermos, hand warmer packets, beef jerky, extra change of clothes for the kids, an extra $20 (those game night cash parking fees can sneak up on you!) or other useful items that would be beneficial to have on-hand and are often forgotten.

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