Taylored Restoration has a 24-hour response team with trained crews ready to help.  They know what needs to be done, what the insurance companies require, and most important they understand that this is not a just house, it’s your home.

Once the fire is put out, the damage doesn’t necessarily stop.  You need experience to stop things from getting worse.  We have the experience.  Taylored will protect your home from the elements.  The extreme cold can be a major issue.  We will take care of securing the gas, electrical and plumbing affected by the fire so that you can rest.

Taylored will also assess structure safety and make recommendations.   The doors, windows and roof will be secured for safety as well as the prevention of theft by possible vandals. Taylored will do all this while maintaining the integrity of the fire scene in case the insurance company wants to investigate.

We also have a separate crew trained in restoring the items in your home that have fire damage and water damage.  Our content crew is top-notch and will help determine what items in your home can be restored.  They have been able to save family heirlooms thought to be lost.  See our content cleaning page for further information.

Our crew is sensitive to the fact that this is a tough time.  They will be able to assist you in making decisions at the front end that will make the entire process go smoother. We will work to get you back in your home quickly.   Taylored is passionate about helping.  It is more than just a job, it is about the feeling we get by helping others. Correct and immediate action is the best way to ensure a fast and complete restoration. Taylored knows what to do after a fire.  


We guarantee the home will look and smell as if it never had a fire when we are finished.

Anchorage - (907) 344-1239
Mat-Su - (907) 373-1239
Fairbanks - (907) 455-1239

Take a Look at our 'Before' & 'After' Fire Damage Repairs. What a Difference!

Fire Damage Before
Fire Damage After


Fire Damage Before
Fire Damage After